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Ulayasi Secondary School Computer Project
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Hello! Thank you for your interest in helping Ulayasi Secondary School. We are an Ordinary and Advanced-Level secondary school (something like high school and junior college) in the southwestern highlands of Tanzania in East Africa (education in Tanzania). Our 600 students and teachers are trying to prepare for their futures as the world moves forward technologically by building a small computer lab.

We're hoping that our computer lab will allow students and teachers the opportunity to obtain the valuable computing skills they need to excel in life. These skills are becoming ever more crucial, even in the third world! In addition, we hope to improve the quality of teaching, testing, grade recording and reporting, and communications at our school. We find that we are falling behind even the norm for Tanzania, where most Ordinary-Level and almost all Advanced-Level schools have functioning computers!

This grant proposal is being coordinated by the school's Peace Corps Volunteer, Mithril Slough. Mithril is a graduate of the University of Wyoming Mathematics Department (GO POKES!), and arrived at Ulayasi in December 2003. She has since been working as a math and biology teacher for the upper forms (3, 4, and 5).

Thus, we are requesting your help. Even a few dollars would be great! We'll pool our efforts to reach $2212.00 with the goal of buying 4 new computers for our school, together with crucial hardware like a surge protector, laser printer, and dot matrix printer for printing the stencils we use to copy exams. As a school, we are eager to make this lab a reality, and as such have prepared a room for the lab with necessary desks, chairs, and security.

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